LC 924 (11,05m x 3,58m)

The 924 is a heavy duty flat bottom landing craft designed for carrying heavy loads at moderate speed. The bow door has a clear width of 2m41 accommodating wider loads. The craft is designed flush deck but console or cabin can be added depending on customer requirements..

The design has a self bailing deck and 3 pcs watertight compartments with ample space underneath to house fuel tanks and or flotation blocks for reserve buoyancy if required. The location of the tank can be arranged to compensate any specific loading characteristics depending on the type of application and usage. Her construction is a combination of longitudinal and transverse framing and designed in accordance with CE- category B

The designed maximum payload, subject to centre of gravity height and weight distribution, as well as operating conditions, is 20,000 kg. The deck is made from non-slip threaded plate. The hull is designed for (twin) outboard drive and the separate engine well allows adjusting the height of the engine board to existing engine shaft lengths.

The kit has been modified by Bruce Roberts Europe bv to comply with the European codes and rules, as well as production standards. The Bruce Roberts Europe pre-cut building kit consists of extremely accurate cut parts from first class marine grade aluminium, including precision markings, the pre-forming of all parts and all profiles (extrusions) as used in the hulls construction.

The standard kit comprises all parts for the hull including bow door and bow door hinges, but excludes a cabin, which can be added to customer’s requirement as an optional extra.  A comprehensive set of assembly drawings and step by step instructions accompany each kit, ensuring efficient and fast assembly of this boat.

Length 11,05
Beam 3,58
Propulsion plant Outboard
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